Andrea Segre

Director of film and documentaries for cinema and television, he is also a researcher in Sociology of Communication. For over ten years he has been particularly dedicated to the topic of migration and is the founder of the association ZaLab, which he develops both production projects and participatory-video workshops with.

I love to mix the methods and styles of documentary cinema, by also working with unprofessional actors and always choosing locations in the real world, with the aesthetic tension of the international independent cinema.

The horizon of my artistic action is always connected with an ethic attention against injustice and aimed at promoting knowledge and cultural exchanges.


2011 - prod. Jolefilm and AeternamFilms, 68th Venice International Film Festival - Venice Days

Shun Li works in a textile factory in the outskirts of Rome in order to get her papers and enable her eight-year-old son to come to Italy. She is suddenly transferred to Chioggia, a small city-island in the Veneto lagoon, to work as a bartender in a pub.

Bepi, a Slavic fisherman, nicknamed “the Poet” by his friends, has been a regular at that little pub for years.

Their encounter is a poetic escape from solitude, a silent dialogue between cultures that are different, yet not more distant. It is an odyssey into the deep heart of a lagoon, which can be both the mother and cradle of identities, which never keep still.

But the friendship between Shun Li and Bepi upsets both the Chinese and local communities, who interfere with this new voyage, which they are perhaps simply too afraid of.

doc2010 - ZaLab, AeternamFilms, RAI3, Jolefilm - Best Documentary of VeniceDays at 67th Venice International Film Festival

January 2010, Rosarno, Calabria. The immigrants' manifestations of rage reveal, for a short while, the conditions of deterioration and injustice thousands of African labourers live every day. The film is available in dvd with English and French subtitles

doc2009 - prod. ZaLab/OFF!CINE - UCCA Prize at 27th TorinoFilmFestival

The life and dignity of 2 women in the "new centralities" in Rome, the modern boundaries of a fragmented and disoriented urban society.
The film is available in dvd with English and French subtitles. In pay-per-view with Italian and English subtitles.

doc2008 - prod Asinitas/ZaLab - final selection at David Donatello. Best Documentary SalinaDocFestival, Gran Prix TeleFrance CMCA

Giving voice to the Ethiopian refugees living in Rome, the film provides us with a direct insight into the brutal ways in which Libya, aided also by the Italian and European funds, was operating to control the immigration movements of people from Africa. The film is available in dvd with English, French, Spanish and German subtitles: linkati a blog eng del film .

doc2007 - prod Jolefilm - official selection at 25th TorinoFilmFestival

A documentary on the tension between industrial development and the quality of life,on the difficulty of dialogue between politics and citizens in North Italy, not always transparent alliances between politics and economic powers.
The film tells the story of a village in North Italy: San Pietro di Rosà, in the province of Vicenza.
The film is available in DVD with English subtitles on Jolefilm website.

doc2007 - prod CeSPI-SID, Prix Accardi

The journeys of African migrants through the Tenerè Desert from Niger to Lybia and their expulsion by the Libyan police. The film is available with English and Spanish subtitles as extra in the DVD of "Il SANGUE VERDE"

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